Strategic Services

I help guide clean-tech organizations–particularly those with a focus on both solar thermal and electric vehicle technologies–to advance energy and cost efficiencies. Sollector Systems, a start-up I began serving in 2011, invented one of the smallest platforms for concentrated solar technology. Its design is more cost-efficient than any such technology. We claimed 2nd place (“Runner Up”) in the Renewable Energy category of the Cleantech Open Western region in October 2011. In addition, I served the founder of Indow Windows, 2nd place holder of the national CTO, in marketing and business development, in 2012. I led their efforts in collaborating with disparate public and private organizations. Its CEO successfully marketed his ingenious technology based on my consultations. I am a long-time enthusiast of efficient automotive technology. I have closely followed electric car developments since the 1990s; in the late ’90s, I was one of the few folks organizing for what became City Carshare, on of the earliest offerings of its kind in the nation. In 2011, I became one of the first members of RelayRides, a peer to peer car-sharing start-up and one of the very first such car owners in San Francisco’s Richmond District. As a member of Better World Club, I introduced many well-regarded non-profits with synergistic activities. Taking the initiative, I have led the way in consummating strategic alliances with organizations such as Cal Cars and Rainforest Action Network. I’ve been an active participant with many environmental associations for many years. In September 2012, I served as an advisor on the organizing committee of Charge Across Town to promote electric car culture by demonstrating a spectrum of new cars and various kinds of charging services becoming available to the public in downtown San Francisco.  I recruited peer-to-peer pioneer GetAround to present its brand with its Tesla Roadster at the show, as well as Envision Solar in the following year. In 2009, I spearheaded a new special event on sustainable business practices at the Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco. I consulted to Google on the usability of its Earth in 2006, while it was still in its relative youth. Likewise, I have served Tech Soup with the enhanced usability of its website during its makeover in 2010 and the year before in testing.