Green Marketing Copywriter
There are plenty of fine copywriters available in the marketplace. The real challenge is finding one who is intimately familiar with popular environmental issues. I am an independent copywriter with a green-leaning outlook that goes back well over two decades.

People are increasingly concerned about their company’s place with respect to sustainability. There is growing realization this “new thinking” is not just another fad; it is a sign of enduring trends in the evolution of business and markets–not just in the U.S., but globally as well. What steps are you considering taking to best position yourself with respect to cleantech innovations today? I am committed to working with you in communicating your presence in the most favorable light.

I quickly achieve an understanding of your company’s requirements, key to how you should drive programs most strategically. You certainly don’t have to be an “environmentalist” to work with me. You can count on me to guide you in scoping out your marketing strategy regardless of your orientation.

The Value of Broad Experience in Green
Many writers’ experience is limited within the confines of narrow industry segments. You benefit from my years of experience serving firms in diverse industries segments–such as science, technology, environment, and healthcare.